Hello 2015

Happy New Year, dear readers! I trust that you made it from Christmas to New Year with as much style and grace as seasonal knitwear and close family members allow?

After two excellent weeks en famille in Wellington and Auckland, I now find myself in sunny Dunedin*, embarking on Crazy Yak on a Bike II. Or at least that was the plan. Over-optimistic planning, impending deadlines and pesky geography mean that I’ll probably end up driving my bike around for a good part of the next three weeks… <sighs>


Over there, Dunedin © Jo James

At the start of 2014, I made a resolution not to buy any plastic bottles for a year. It’s been markedly more successful than any previous resolutions I’ve made (abstaining from alcohol, becoming a contortionist, etc.), but that’s not saying much – I reused and refilled, but still tossed a lot of plastic bottles over the last twelve months.

However, after seeing piles of plastic rubbish everywhere that I’ve been in the last year (even in NZ) I’ve decided to try the same thing again this year, with an added challenge – no plastic bottles or disposable coffee cups.
Speight's spigot © Jo James

Speight’s spigot © Jo James

It was with this in mind that I was excited to discover this water fountain outside the big Speight’s Brewery in Dunedin. I’m staying nearby and every time I’ve walked past, I’ve seen a local filling an unfeasibly large receptacle with the water to take home. Not every business sits on top of an artesian well, but it would make 2015 much easier for me if those that did dispensed as freely as Speight’s…
Hello 2015!
J x
Soundtrack: Resolve by Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man (well, actually Tom the Model, but Resolve is on the same album and who am I to pass up such a coincidence?)

* To those familiar with Dunedin’s climate, I’m not being ironic here – it was 28ºC (or 82°F, if you must) today, which put all the locals into heat-shock

St Clair, Dunedin

Sunshine in St Clair © Jo James

3 responses to “Hello 2015

  1. It was a delight having you stay with us in Auckland. Best wishes for exciting and safe travels in the lower South Island.

  2. Jo, Happy New Year and full support of you being so diligent in reducing use of plastic bottles and coffee cups… let me try the same! Travel safe! ada

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