Tibetan Travel Update – Good News!

Nyechen Tanglha Mountains in Tibet

The Nyechen Tanglha Mountains, near Lake Nam-tso, Tibet © Jo James

Those of you who follow the Byzantine rules and regulations that govern travel inside the Tibetan Autonomous Region will know that since May last year it has been more difficult than usual to get a Tibet travel permit. (For those of you who have better things to do, the most recent restrictions required foreign passport holders to travel in groups of five or more with each member of the group holding the same nationality, making trips very difficult for the majority of tour operators and impossible for independent travellers.) As of tomorrow (April 1st), these restrictions will be dropped, and what passes for ‘business as usual’ will resume. Hurrah! Now to get planning that trip to Mount Kailash…

P.S. I’ll write in more detail about this soon, but have been caught up this week in moving house – chaos currently reigns in the house of Little Yak… Happy Easter!

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